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There's Hope For This Town Yet... much as one can hope considering this is Lynchburg.

But good news is at hand. The Loft @ The Spectrum downtown on Main Street has unveiled it's attempt to help liven up the city. Metal shows by two local bands every Friday night for $5, all ages welcome.

Kristy and I went last Friday and saw Revenant and Delete the Day. I was extremely impressed. I got both their CDs, which are just little crappy mixes, but I gladly support good local music in the hopes that we will continue to see this trend build. We'll be hitting the spot again this Friday to see a family friend's band, Black Friday.

For the few months I have left on my home turf, I hope to see more events like this come to pass so those who are left behind, won't be bored out of their minds, like I've been.


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