The Vig Chron

If I have offended you, you're quite welcome.


The Hypocritic Oath

I raise my hand high and solemnly swear,
that I will not hold true to what I speak.
I shall pass judgement without understanding,
to praise the rich and condemn the weak.
Never will I allow the public the truth.
Nor will I practice what I preach.
Only do I agree to cheat and steal,
and promise to lie in every speech.
With great patriotic pride and honor,
I vow to do only what I am told.
To those who are weatlhy in their power,
my loyalty and integrity will be sold.
I promise with this silent pact,
to never allow the people to know,
that I have comprimised my dignity,
in binding myself to the Hypocritic Oath.


There's Hope For This Town Yet... much as one can hope considering this is Lynchburg.

But good news is at hand. The Loft @ The Spectrum downtown on Main Street has unveiled it's attempt to help liven up the city. Metal shows by two local bands every Friday night for $5, all ages welcome.

Kristy and I went last Friday and saw Revenant and Delete the Day. I was extremely impressed. I got both their CDs, which are just little crappy mixes, but I gladly support good local music in the hopes that we will continue to see this trend build. We'll be hitting the spot again this Friday to see a family friend's band, Black Friday.

For the few months I have left on my home turf, I hope to see more events like this come to pass so those who are left behind, won't be bored out of their minds, like I've been.