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Holy Shiz

The good news is...I got in. So I'm stoked. Bad news...I got my acceptance package and it's pretty scary. I have buttload of forms and it listed my expenses.

About $2,500 per semester for tuition, $500-$600 in supplies, $5,000 for living on campus, $250 for some art school fee, $35 to attend the required summer enrollment program.

Christ on a Christmas tree this shit's expensive.

Financial aid isn't much of an option b/c we make over $40K per year. I haven't heard anything about the scholarships I applied for yet. That probably won't be much if I get any at all.

I may have to breakdown and do a loan for my first year and apply for aid next year. Since I won't be at Genworth anymore.

My 'To-Do' list is growing into multiple pages. We've got to look at housing, a new job for me, and if I want to bartend, I've got to learn how first, paying for this first year, moving, taxes.

Crap. I need a beer.


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