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Ascendancy: Rising Up The Ranks

Metal fans rejoice. Orlando natives Trivum are making their mark in the rock realm. With their debut release, Ember To Inferno, in 2003, we simply got a taste of the cake. Now with a new label on their side, the creative juices have overflowed. Just released last week, Ascendancy, is all it's hyped up to be. With old school guitar solos and deep rooted lyrics from lead Matt Heaty, this album recalls the glory days of metal. Granted, I'm not a 'metal-head' but I know good music, and this is certainly more than I could have expected having seen these guys a little over a year ago holding their own with Iced Earth. Now we see headliners in the making. The buzz is loud and it's a worthy cry.

If you get the chance, this is a band you must see live with all your friends. What you hear on the album is nothing compared to the live experience, and as you've heard, that's saying a hell of a lot.

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Props to the new school.


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