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Someday...a Poet Laureate

I suppose on occasion it isn't so bad to toot your own horn.
Usually if you don't...the horn won't get tooted anyway.
I've entered my poetry in a lot of contests over the years.
And everytime I enter, I win.

So it has occured to me after my sixth publishing offer, that perhaps I should consider publishing my own volume instead of just one here and there. I don't expect to actually sell it and make money, but how many people can say they've published a volume of poetry? I suppose the recognition would be nice. Who knows...maybe I'm better than I thought I was. I'm modest about my work, I don't generally share it much because people appreciate TV commercials more than a good poem these days, but perhaps those that do enjoy poetry might like my work.

I'm one of those types that relishes in recognition rather than reward.

I wouldn't know where to begin really. I gather the internet would be a valuable source of information on publishing. I think first I should concentrate on creating a theme and creating some new work. A volume of 25 pieces would be a good start I think.

To dream that maybe I could someday follow in the steps of Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson, or Sylvia, my.

Well as the saying goes:
Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

Shameless Plugs

It's surprising how few people have home e-mail or personal websites. Here's a few I dug up.
This is my husband's blog. Very cool stuff.
This is Jessi's Mary Kay site.


You are blessed...

I spent all day yesterday Christmas shopping for friends and family. I usually wait until the last minute (I work better under pressure.) And though it was fun to take a moment and think about my loved ones and what they might like, I couldn't help but feel somewhat...drained. A $500 Christmas tag, though expected, was not exactly thrilling. And that's still far less than most people will spend. We complain that Christmas has become so commercialized, that we've forgotten what the season is really about. And I have to agree, but we still shop and expect presents don't we? It's not like we boycott spending money during the holidays, in fact, we spend much more this time of year than any other. But aside from dollars spent, this is a time to remember what you do have. Not what you don't. Easier said than done. But humor me. Are you blessed?

I am blessed to be loved purely.
I am blessed to have shelter.
I am blessed to be healthy.
I am blessed to have a job.
I am blessed to have friendships.
I am blessed to be alive.

Enjoy the season with a warm heart. Merry Christmas.


May I also recommend...

This is a little segment I'll bring around
when I feel the need to share my adoration...

Chevelle: This Kind of Thinking (Could Do Us In)
With the release of 2002's Wonder What's Next, I found myself a fan of Chevelle's melancholy style rock with the first listen of 'The Red'. The trio of brothers, that's right, just three, strip rock to the essential elements of vocals, drums, and guitar. Pete's voice is reminiscent of Tool's frontman, James Maynard Keenan, with a dash more depth in his belting shouts. Their lyrics are thoughtful, painful, and somewhat poetic laced within the chords of full throttle rock. The music doesn't play a backdrop to the vocals; they all blend together into a theraputic, mind-bending fusion of melody.

Rating: ****

Linkin Park & Jay-z:
Collision Course
This is proof that the rock/rap hybrid isn't dead, but moreover, has finally evolutionized. A brilliant mix of the phenom of Linkin Park's rock and rap legend Jay-Z's twisted tongue. Together, they fuse a techno/rock/rap multi-layered monster of ear-busting magic. Obviously this album wasn't thrown together. If you hadn't heard these songs seperately, you would imagine they just created them for this album. It's a blend of Mike Shinoda and Jay-Z's rhymes with Chester Bennington's rugged shouting. Somehow, it just works on a whole new level. And since Collison Course is only six songs short, expect to be jamming your repeat button into submission.

Rating: *****


Sour Milk

After high school, friendships seems to come and go as fast as a cool breeze on a hot day. You've got your fair weather friends that only come around when you have something they want. Of course you have your 'I'll talk to you when I'm not busy' buddies that seems to only make an appearance when it's convenient on their palm pilot. There are the quarterly friends who visit a few times a year to 'catch up' on your business. The internet friends who don't actually seem to exist, the people who don't know your name but are suddenly your best friend when they catch you in public, the guys who only talk to you when they aren't with their girlfriends, the girls who don't talk to you when they're with the guys because they're afraid you'll spill their drunken secrets, the friends who come around to watch TV and go to the movies, the co-worker friends that you don't actually know outside of work, the nameless faces, the forgotten all boils down to one rather depressing many friends to you actually have?

Real friends. The ones who call you, the one's who e-mail you, the ones who are there when you want to have a good time because you've had a bad day, the one's who understand who you are and actually enjoy an all night conversation...the one's who make time for you...the one's who don't forget about you.

It's a matter of quality, not quantity. In the rare case you do find that 'best friend' it seems you only lose them in time to something miniscule.

I'll tell you the true reason I'm ranting is that it grows tired. Losing so many friends becomes slowly seems to chisel at my desire to attempt to make a true relationship with anybody. When I meet the coolest people, I fear they will be gone before I've had the chance to even say Hello before I'm saying Goodbye.


My Wish List

This list is mostly for my other half.
Hopefully this will assist in your mission.

The List


Wishing you and yours a very merry holiday!
May you be blessed with warmth and cheer,
everyday, throughout the year!

Gauisus Feriae!


The Winter Wind

The Winter Wind

Over the land, a fierce wind passes,
it withers leaves and chills the masses,
through the fields of dying grasses,
as the forest sways with violent thrashes.

Shades of emerald, become burnt gold,
Summer’s warm glow quickly turns cold,
and Winter’s bite now stings bold,
as first frost drowns the soil in cold.

Dove grey clouds conceal brilliant blue,
once lush oaks will start anew,
silent snow leaves a pale, white hue,
as the Winter wind is moving through.