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A Great Alexander Indeed...

Though my first thought of the previews of Alexander was "Great, another ancient historical war drama. Oscar will be pleased, " I was nevertheless tempted to see the film in play because I find the explorer himself to be most facinating. I prepared a few weeks in advance by watching a bio-documentary on The History Channel. That proved to be motivational inspiration. I saw the three hour long epic today and I can honestly say I was impressed. Of course the battles were monstrous and the sets were decadent, but it was the acting and emotion of the characters that particularly deserved reward. Colin Farrell was magnificant as the title character. The thought of a foul-mouthed irishman playing a Macedonian conqueror was at first glance, well, ridiculous, I give Colin great applause for his passion and conviction in portraying such an emotionally drenched figure.

The battles were brutal and bloody, as well they should be. The scenes did seem to go on for a lengthy period, but they were warranted by the content of the factual history of Alexander's conquest as king. The relationships between he and his brethren were deep and heart wrenching. Though some might find the sexual content of the film to be difficult to swallow, it too was purely honest and true to historical reports. In the days that Alexander ruled the world, homosexuality, polygamy and polytheism were the practiced discretions.

Watching the film was like watching a history book breathe and be. Our modern day society may not comprehend the noble theories of war or iconism, understand the relationships forged between men, or agree to the capture of women as breeding machines, but so it was that our history was created. That is simply fact, represented beautifully throughout this film. So rich a world was it that Alexander created in following his dreams of exploration and unity, that Columbus himself may have bowed at the man's feet and kissed his dirty leather sandals. I know I would have.


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