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Your Beauty lies
in Serenity. Calm, inspiring, and nearly always
level-headed. You have a
peaceful appearance, people know they can trust you
and come to you for advice.
You probably have a soothing and beautiful voice to
match you and you are seen
as a mature, motherly figure. You don't show much
emotion which may make you
appear emotionless and distant at times, but you
are most likely a very
empathetic individual. You keep your head in bad
situations and are calm even in
good ones. You probably wear more flowing clothing
in light pastel colors and
one of your most beautiful feature is your smooth
and young face. Some people
may even be inspired simply by your presence, you
would make a great mediator or
negotiator as people know they can trust and count
on you for a peaceful

Some Things
That Represent You:

Water, Wind Animal: Swan Color:
Blues, Greens, Pastels Song:
Only Time by Enya Expression: Reassuring

Amethyst Mythological Creature: Elfin Kind
Planet: Neptune

"Peace and trust take years to build and
seconds to shatter."


The Hypocritic Oath

I raise my hand high and solemnly swear,
that I will not hold true to what I speak.
I shall pass judgement without understanding,
to praise the rich and condemn the weak.
Never will I allow the public the truth.
Nor will I practice what I preach.
Only do I agree to cheat and steal,
and promise to lie in every speech.
With great patriotic pride and honor,
I vow to do only what I am told.
To those who are weatlhy in their power,
my loyalty and integrity will be sold.
I promise with this silent pact,
to never allow the people to know,
that I have comprimised my dignity,
in binding myself to the Hypocritic Oath.


There's Hope For This Town Yet... much as one can hope considering this is Lynchburg.

But good news is at hand. The Loft @ The Spectrum downtown on Main Street has unveiled it's attempt to help liven up the city. Metal shows by two local bands every Friday night for $5, all ages welcome.

Kristy and I went last Friday and saw Revenant and Delete the Day. I was extremely impressed. I got both their CDs, which are just little crappy mixes, but I gladly support good local music in the hopes that we will continue to see this trend build. We'll be hitting the spot again this Friday to see a family friend's band, Black Friday.

For the few months I have left on my home turf, I hope to see more events like this come to pass so those who are left behind, won't be bored out of their minds, like I've been.



Deliver us into our sins,
let us dwell in deadly deeds,
for when the Devil comes to claim us,
we will cast aside our seeds,
spread corruption to the innocent,
to plague the world with fear,
our chaos swallows the heavens,
so the end is drawing near,
and we will watch from golden thrones,
as the world floods with their tears.


A7X: What Goes Around...

It's rare that I find an album these days that I actually enjoy from start to finish. I suppose the reason many of us download is not so much to save money as it is that we rarely like a full album. An on the occassion I do find such an anomaly, I feel the desire to share. I may have been slow on this one, which is often the case, but I say better late than never.

So if you haven't already heard of Avenged Sevenfold you're not the only one. Thus far, the band has two albums to date, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, released in March 2002, and their most recent, and most buzzworthy for that matter, Waking the Fallen, released in August 2003. The latter, which has been held captive in my CD player for weeks now, is truly a metal masterpiece.

The second track, Unholy Confessions, has found fame by way of the Headbanger's Ball Vol. 2 disc. And yes, every other song on the album is truly as mezmerizing. From the multi-layered lyrics bellowed by M. Shadows, backed by the mind blowing solos of Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance, through the heart pounding drumming of The Reverend (not of the Run-DMC clan), we emerge from a carefully crafted soundtrack for the senses. The blend of punk and hefty metal riffs with a melodic center core. They are truly on a different level of the genre.

These are not the ranting songs of teenage punk bands. The lyrics are as deeply philosophic as they are morbidly poetic. Particularly in Chapter Four, Eternal Rest, and the epic I Won't See You Tonight (Pt. 1). No matter how black you think your heart to be, they pull at the sinews of your soul. And most everyone, who's been through anything so troubling, can certainly relate.

So look forward the upcoming City of Evil in June. Which I hope will go times.

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Finally, a real metal show in Lynchburg. About time. Thank you Shawn.

The bill is St. Diablo, Sicks Deep, Cicada (replacing Downward Halo, which broke up), and Unhinge. I don't know about the last two, haven't heard 'em...but I'm mainly there for the big guys. I've seen them before.

It should prove interesting here. I don't know what to expect. Either people are going to go apeshit or they won't do anything and it'll be dead. Hopefully the metalheads will show up and things will go well.

We'll see.

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Holy Shiz

The good news is...I got in. So I'm stoked. Bad news...I got my acceptance package and it's pretty scary. I have buttload of forms and it listed my expenses.

About $2,500 per semester for tuition, $500-$600 in supplies, $5,000 for living on campus, $250 for some art school fee, $35 to attend the required summer enrollment program.

Christ on a Christmas tree this shit's expensive.

Financial aid isn't much of an option b/c we make over $40K per year. I haven't heard anything about the scholarships I applied for yet. That probably won't be much if I get any at all.

I may have to breakdown and do a loan for my first year and apply for aid next year. Since I won't be at Genworth anymore.

My 'To-Do' list is growing into multiple pages. We've got to look at housing, a new job for me, and if I want to bartend, I've got to learn how first, paying for this first year, moving, taxes.

Crap. I need a beer.


Ascendancy: Rising Up The Ranks

Metal fans rejoice. Orlando natives Trivum are making their mark in the rock realm. With their debut release, Ember To Inferno, in 2003, we simply got a taste of the cake. Now with a new label on their side, the creative juices have overflowed. Just released last week, Ascendancy, is all it's hyped up to be. With old school guitar solos and deep rooted lyrics from lead Matt Heaty, this album recalls the glory days of metal. Granted, I'm not a 'metal-head' but I know good music, and this is certainly more than I could have expected having seen these guys a little over a year ago holding their own with Iced Earth. Now we see headliners in the making. The buzz is loud and it's a worthy cry.

If you get the chance, this is a band you must see live with all your friends. What you hear on the album is nothing compared to the live experience, and as you've heard, that's saying a hell of a lot.

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Props to the new school.